The Chicago Faucet Co.

Commercial Brass Valves & Fittings, One & Two Handle Lav Faucets, Electronic & Metering Valves, Shower Valves, Hospital  Fittings Equipment

Mission Rubber Co.

Heavy Weight NH Couplings, Service Weight Gaskets and Standard NH Coupling.  Rubber Couplings 

McGuire Inc.

Commercial p-traps and supplies as Pro-Wrap insulation.

Line Card

AB&I Pipe and Foundry 

Domestic Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fitting, Drainage Systems.

Kessler Sale & Distribution

WROT Copper Fittings, Cast Copper Fittings, Brass Fittings and Nipples, PEX Fittings, Refrigeration Copper Fittings, Cleaned and Bagged, Press Fitting, and a Full Line of Valves

Haws Corporation

Drinking Fountains and Emergency Equipment.

Town & Country Plastics

Water Control, Handling And Neutralization Products, And Systems Customized To Your Exact Needs 

Atco Rubber Co.

Flexible Insulated Duct available R4.2, R6.0, R8.0, Uninsulated Flexible Duct, Insulated Sleeve.

Eemax Inc.

Electric Instant Tankless Water Heaters


Polypropylene pipe for use in pressurized plumbing and mechanical systems of all sizes. Our products are reliable, competitively priced, and environmentally friendly.

Jay R. Smith MFG.

Cast Iron Floor Drains, Roof Drains, Cleanouts, Grease Interceptors,  Floor Sinks, Trap Primers,  Carriers

Acorn Controls

This core product line includes valves ideal for a variety of different applications in commercial and institutional markets.

Cimberio Valve

Specialty Valves for Crimp Copper Systems, Push on Valves, PEX Valves as Well as a Full Line of Standard Full Port Ball Valves. 

Manufacturer Representative

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